Spring 2022

Discussion Meeting

Led by Sonal Thukral, this meeting focuses on the different types of therapy available and the pros and cons of accessibility in the scope of therapy via social media

Discussion Meeting

Led by Sarah Israel, this meeting will cover houselessness and mental health in NYC

Fall 2021

Open House

Meet our E-Board, understand why health literacy is critical for both partients and aspiring medical workers, participate in trivia, and more

HLI Open House

Discussion Meeting

Led by Nisma Hussein, let's discuss the role of maternal health in the context of sitgma, accessibility, and cultural differences that influence the field

Maternal Health Literacy

Learn about the significance of the birth experience in the human life course, the role of birth-work in the pursuit of social justice, maternal health in general

Discussion Meeting

Led by Nisma Hussein, we will be discussing how information is far more transmittable now and what ethical factors come to play when we think about prioritizing healthcare emergencies

Spring 2021

Discussion Meeting

Led by Sonal Thukral, a continued discusison on COVID-19, vaccines, and new strains

Discussion Meeting

Led by Sonal Thukral, we will be discussing environmental racism in relation to healthcare

Discussion Meeting

Led by Roychowdhury, we will be discussing the COVID-19 vaccine in the context of navigating ethics and access to it

Environment and Health

Join speaker Sharmain Siddiqui, an environmental health expert for a discussion on state sanctioned environmental racism and health outcomes. We will explore the importance of farming, culturally affirming foods, and food and land sovereignty in creating healthier and safer communities. We will also think through what it means to care for people in deeper and more holistic ways, through abolitionist and anti-racist praxis, as future healthcare providers

Mental Health Literacy

Join Health Literacy Initiative & Rho Psi Eta, Hunter's first prehealth sorority, to discuss existing stigmas, resources, cultural barriers, and more in relation to mental health

HLI x Rho Psi Eta: Mental Health Literacy

Health Insurance 101

Learn about health insurance, including barriers, the different types, eligibility, and recent policies that have both expanded and limited access to health insurance. Ideal for college students and college graduates

Health Insurance 101.pptx

Fall 2020

Open House

October 1, 2020

Meet our E-Board, understand why health literacy is critical for both partients and aspiring medical workers, participate in trivia, and more

Discussion Meeting

October 15, 2020

Led by Sarah Israel, let's discuss what implicit bias is. This meeting ranges in topics from implicit bias in healthcare, why certain populations are more susceptible to pregnancy complications, and a systematic review of allostatic load and its impact on health

Implicit Bias with Dr. Williams

November 5, 2020

Define implicit bias and its impact on healthcare outcomes, share examples of implicit bias, discuss strageties to mitigate implicit bias

Discussion Meeting

November 12, 2020

Led by Liza Roychowdhury, we will be discussing health literacy as a contributer to immigrant health dispartities

Health Literacy Initiaitve & Prehealth Diaries

November 19, 2020

Going over immigrant health disparities in the context of why immigrant health disparities matter, certain populations more at risk, physical health, sexual health, and mental health

Immigrant Health Disparities

Health Literacy with Emelin Martinez

November 24, 2020

Learn about programs at New York Presbyterian Hospital, including Waiting Room as a Literacy and Learning Environment (WALLE)

Discussion Meeting

December 10, 2020

Led by Nazanin, we will be discussing COVID-19 and the pandemic as well as the science behind the vaccines being developed