Adult Hockey info

Notes regarding season rules

Games are 3 - 15 minute periods - NO OT or shootout
2 points for a win, 1 point each team for a tie

Games start on time (with a 5 minute grace period). Each team must have at least 4 players and a goalie. If both teams are under the minimum, the team with the most players dressed and ready, after the grace period, gets the win. If the forfeited game is the 7:45 game, the game will then be played until no later than 8:40. “Borrowed” players may only play in a forfeited game, or to make the 5th player for a team with only 4 to start. If more players show up, the borrowed player must leave.

Playoff games are 3 - 15 minute periods - 5 minute OT (if necessary)
2 man shootout if game tied after OT period.

Championship game is 3 - 15 minute periods - 5 minute OT period(s) until game decided.