Executive Internship

Weekly Quizzes

  • Complete one quiz each week.
  • You may only attempt each quiz once.
  • Each quiz should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Answers should be thoughtful and complete and you are welcome to research your question before you answer. Your answer will count up to 75 points of the 100 points for each quiz.
  • Each answer should be written using correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling. This will be reflected in your grade as it counts 25 points out of the 100 points for each quiz.
  • Scores will be posted weekly and you can check your grade by selecting the completed quiz listed below.


Daily Attendance Check in

Click Heading to complete

  • 100 points each week for attendance.
  • Weeks with 5 days you will earn 20 points each day
  • Weeks with 4 days you will earn 25 points each day
  • If you do not have a smart phone to check in each day, you may come see me to check in (room 20-106), or log in to a computer to check in through the testing website.