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Areas of Consultancy: Nanotechnology Consulting

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IT Services

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Areas we planing

ANVY Medicine and Wellness : Complete Online HealthCare Services with consultation and local pharmacy at your village. ( ANVY Virtual Hospital )

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ANVY Digital Marketing :

Rudrama Deva University :

AllChemistryUniversity :

Rudrama Virtual University :

ANVY eNewsPaper, eMagazines, Journals, Adept Kids ( Nano Kids ) Channel, Magazines :

Company Consulting:

SUPERIOR Materials

CONFIDENT Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Company

CRUST Therapeutics

XenonIn Smart Solutions

XenonIn Search Engine & Ads

CAM Career Suggestions (A2Z)

CAM Retail Suggestions

CAM BATs and Gaming

CAM Mobile Solutions

Talent Grooming (Children’s Educational Consultancy)

NanoKids (Not a Pre School, Complete all round grooming Consultancy from Pre-School to PhD and beyond )

CAM AMAZING Sports League : CAM AMAZING Cricket (AC), CAM AMAZING GAMMING and etc.......: Fun filled professional sports entertainment (CAM AMAZING Club India memberships are open, please contact us at or

VR TV ( NanoKids TV and Portal, CAM Network Channel)

VR Detective Services(with brand name Real Buro of Investigation and Investment (RBII))

Private Universities (Under Development)

Parnasala University (NGO University, at Design Stage)

AllSports University ( SMG Initiative)

AgriTech University (RTTs Initiative)

CAM University (Smart Global offline and online University)

Research Centres or Institutes (Under Development)

CAM International Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

CAM Nanotechnology Research Foundation

CAM Centre for Electrochemical Studies

CAM Centre for Data Processing

XenonIn Media (, Personalized News and Information Technology Solutions) : Founder & MD Rakesh Voggu, PhD

Virtual Pharmacy Solutions

Smart Digital and Virtual Home (safe and cyber secured from data leak)

Smart Communities

Intelligent Power Solutions

Intelligent Water Solutions

Modern Agriculture

Virtual University

Virtual Hospital and Pharmacy Solutions

Advanced, Safe and Sturdy Data Communication Systems

Centre for Data Processing. Analytics. Data matching and mapping, Intelligent Decision Making Systems.

VR Retail and Online Stores ( or , Indian philanthropic NGO. Retail, oil, textiles, telecommunications, online stores etc. ...., in the era automation providing job opportunity to every individual).

VR Schools and Smart Education (Nano Kids)


Fitness Solutions

Social Networking Solutions for organizations and companies

Smart Industrial Governance Solutions

AI Cars and vehicles with self driving and autonomous options, intelligent transportation systems.

Smart Colonies, Villages, Towns, Cities, States and Countries.

Modern Aviation Solutions

Smart Manpower Recruitment and Maintenance

Financial Solutions

Scientific Solutions

Modern Laboratory building and Maintenance

ANVY Medicine and Wellness

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XenonIn Biopharmaceuticals

XenonIn Nanotechnology

XenonIn BioTherapeutics

XenonIn Semiconductors

XenonIn Mobile

XenonIn Oil

XenonIn Retail (RD 100 Rupees, .....)

XenonIn Innovative Textiles

XenonIn Beverages

XenonIn Hospitality (RD 7star Hotels,.....)

XenonIn Skylines

XenonIn Airways

XenonIn Auto

XenonIn Software

XenonIn Hospitals

XenonIn Services (RD Washing Machines (Laundry)......)

XenonIn Education

XenonIn Entertainment

XenonIn Power

XenonIn Defence

XenonIn Research

XenonIn Metals

XenonIn Virtual University

Xenon Virtual Hospital and Healthcare Solutions

XenonIn Space

XenonIn Cement

XenonIn Agriculture

XenonIn Animals

XenonIn Milk

XenonIn PersonalCare

XenonIn Consumer Goods

XenonIn Hardware

XenonIn Smart Solutions

XenonIn Future

XenonIn Broadcasting and News

XenonIn Digital Solutions

XenonIn Internet and TV

XenonIn Mining ( RD Coal Solutions, ....)

XenonIn Science Media

XenonIn Retirement

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Rakesh Voggu (V Rakesh), PhD in Chemistry, Materials and Nanotechnology (JNCASR, Bengaluru, India)

Founder and CEO Hyderabad Consulting Group

Integrated Solutions Provider