Hazy Lazy

Blues Band

Hazy Lazy Blues Band was founded in 2007 in Zrenjanin, Serbia. It existed until 2014. This page has been created to celebrate these few years of music and joy. Unfortunately, any hope of reunion has been lost due to the untimely passing of our dear friend Mr. Zoltan Losonc. Jano Litavsky - drums, Nikola Neskovic - bass and vocals, and special guest Nenad Mecavin - keys, continue to play in their respective countries of residence.

Hazy Lazy has published one album of the original songs and one album of the covers. All of the available, HQ audio files can be downloaded for free. If you would like to express your appreciation, please share our songs and support live music everywhere.

Please send us any photos or videos you may have of our performances. We will include it in our archives and publish it on our website. You can reach us below via our social media links.