Hawaii County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Grants for Rent, Utilities, and Rental Deposits to Low-Income Hawaii Island Renters

Limited funds may be available for temporary motel stays for low-income Hawaii Island renters enrolled in Housing Navigation services



Housing Navigators can help you find rental housing.

Find a Housing Navigator in Your Community.

Navigate and connect to community services to address critical financial, housing, and health-related issues.

Contact the Coordination Center Today.

Meet with a coach to build a budget, create a financial action plan, and find affordable loans.

Enroll in a Financial Empowerment Center.

Obtain free legal advice for rental evictions and understand tenants rights.

Contact Legal Aid Society of Hawaii Today.

Meet with a mediator to find an agreement that works for the renter and landlord.

Sign Up for Free Landlord-Tenant Mediation.


Below is our program data dashboard. The dashboard automatically shows cumulative results for All Weeks. It is unnecessary to double click for All Weeks. If you double click All Weeks, the data will show as double the amount of actual cumulative data.

The Hawaii County Emergency Rent Assistance Program nonprofit providers give priority to applications from households at or below 50% area median income, including those with a household member who has been unemployed for at least 90 days. Priority actions include processing such applications ahead of all other applications received.