Online Teaching Principles Capstone:

Colleen Harmon

It's an honor to welcome you to my Online Teaching Principles Capstone project! The Online Teaching Principles encompass Principles for Online Quality Teaching that identify successful strategies and practices for online teaching and learning.

This capstone represents a milestone in my journey as both an online and on-campus college instructor. My journey here began with the Equity and Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning course, where I learned that many of my practices already bring equity into the learning process, but also that I needed to address other areas more consciously, with more intention, to engage my students through the lens of equity. From there, my journey continued through 10-10-10 Communication that Matters, Digital Citizenship, Dynamic Online Teaching, and Humanizing Online Learning. Each of these courses challenged me to become a better teacher and supported me in doing so, and I became acquainted with wonderful colleagues as course facilitators and peers who generously provided feedback and encouragement along the way.

As you peruse my capstone project, I'd like to acknowledge the experience, insight, and wisdom these colleagues have shared with me while helping me to become a better teacher. I will build on the knowledge they shared with me as I continue to grow.

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