Redditch Night Street League

Thursday 22nd November 2018

Venue and Travel

Event centre is Excalibur Serviced Offices, Securehold Business Centre, Studley Road, Redditch, B98 7LG

Please do not wear dirty footwear inside the building, either before or after your run.

Leave the Warwick Highway (A4189) at the 'Greenlands / Lodge Park' exit onto Studley Road. Head south-east. After the pelican crossing by Greenlands Post Office, take the first left onto the Securehold Business Centre access road (this is before Greenlands Business Centre). Turn right through the black gates to access the large car park. Excalibur is the one-storey building on the left. Please use the middle door.

The Greenlands Post Office bus stop is adjacent to the event centre, and a 6-minute journey from Redditch bus/train station on the 57 route. Return via the 58 route at 20:13, 20:38 or 21:08.


Redditch is a must-visit destination for anyone with an interest in town planning. Those completing the full course will experience a rich diversity of urban design fashions, including Victorian terraced streets with narrow passageways, some complex path networks of the new-town, and new-build estates.

The whole course can be completed on hard-standing paths, with a small number of grass verges and open areas offering some possible route choices. Parts of the course involve significant climb, with many possible route choices involving steps which are not marked on the map. Please contact the organiser in advance if you require a map that highlights where the steps are located.

Redditch is home to England's only complete clover-leaf road junction. Together with the two dual carriageways it intersects, this is strictly off limits to anyone on foot. There are six permitted crossing points clearly marked on the map: three road underpasses, one footbridge, and two pedestrian subways. A number of other pedestrian subways offer good choices of route across 'estate boundary' roads.


A3 sized 1:7,500 scale map based on OpenO Map. Laser printed but not on waterproof paper so bring a bag if the forecast is for heavy rain. Separate control descriptions.


On the day. Please reserve a map in advance if possible using this Map Reservation Form. Spare maps will be available on the night for anyone who makes a last minute decision to enter.

Registration 18:00-18:45. Main mass start at 19:00. Newcomer start at 19:05.

The variety of urban terrain means that some parts of the course are ideal for newcomers, and others will challenge the navigational skills of even the most experienced orienteer. Newcomers who would like to view the map and ask questions before starting can do so after the main mass start. Some tips will be available to help identify route choices that may offer the most rewarding 'first-time' experience. Newcomers starting later will still be able to run for the full 60 minutes.


60 minute score event. Visit as many controls as you choose, in any order. Controls score 10, 20 or 30 points. Total of 25 controls (500 points). Penalties of 1 point per 6 seconds over the 60 minute limit. Straight line distance to visit all controls is 7.7km (approx 10.8km minimum running distance). Course closes at 20:20.


SI-Cards will be used for timing (start and finish only). SI-Cards may be hired for £1.

Controls will not be marked on the ground. Control descriptions will include an identifying feature and a question. Please bring a pen or pencil to record your answers. Example questions:

  • Control Description: Telegraph Pole XX. Question: is labelled with letters ______ .
  • Control Description: Small concrete post. Question: what numbers are below the letter W? ______ .
  • Control Description: Lamp post XXXX. Question: what is the gnome saying in the adjacent garden? _________ .


Seniors £4. Juniors £1 (under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult).

Newcomers may participate in pairs if desired (fee is charged per map).


Toilets, with areas suitable for changing. Bag storage area. Hot drinks machine (coffee, tea, hot chocolate- 50p a cup). Snack box (crisps, chocolate bars- 80p).


Competitors take part at their own risk. Whistles must be carried. Hi-visibility clothing and head and/or body torches should be used. Almost all paths are lit, but there are several where the streetlights are not currently working. Under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

This is Redditch. Roads do not necessarily have pavements. Estate boundary roads have fast flowing traffic that is not expecting pedestrians. The course has been planned to make using footpaths, underpasses and sections with pavement the most appealing route choices across these. Where the estate boundary road does not have at least a grass verge, it has been marked on the map as a prohibited route. The new-town estates consist largely of cul-de-sacs with a path network that is separate from the roads. Traffic speed in these areas is generally low, but please take care if you choose to use the roads.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to cross the dual carriageways except by means of the marked footbridge/ underpasses.

There is a large pool, and the tarmac pool-side path offers a viable route choice. Please do not attempt to navigate around the pool using any route other than the mapped tarmac paths. The grass bank may look appealing, but you will get into trouble half way round.


Peter Rose 07805 874689

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