Harborview Animal Hospital

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Welcome to Harborview Animal Hospital - Your other Family Doctor!

We aim to provide the highest quality care to all of our patients in a compassionate, low stress, and professional manner. Our hospital is a full service companion animal hospital that has been providing quality pet care since 1980.

Your pet's well being is our number one concern!

Our Mission

Harborview Animal Hospital is deeply committed to the overall health of our animal patients and to meet the needs of their human companions. We consider educating our clients to be an important part of our profession as well informed pet owners make intelligent decisions regarding the treatment and prevention of disease. The mission of Harborview Animal Hospital is to provide the most advanced, highest quality veterinary care to all of our patients in a compassionate, friendly, low stress and professional manner. We are dedicated to the wellness of every pet and we will serve as your pets health advocate in recommending and providing to most up-to-date medical services available. To benefit you and your pet, we strive to develop each of our health care professionals to their full potential through ongoing continuing education.