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Start your morning off with reflecting on three things you are grateful (even if it's just that you actually woke up!). 

 It can be incredibly useful and insightful to track your daily moods.

When you have your own website, or you're selling products in an online shop it can be helpful, and hopefully satisfying, to track the views your page(s), product(s), or search word(s) are getting. This is an easy way to do that. 

Meditation has been scientifically proven to increase both physical and mental health, so why not start your own practice? 

One of the less fun ways of adulting is knowing, and hopefully improving, your credit score. With this colorful chart, maybe it'll help motivate you to get into the green! 

It can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to build up your savings. One helpful way of keeping your motivation strong is to build in smaller steps, such as smaller goal amounts along the way to your big goal. 

The ubiquitous shopping list. In this version I've inserted a little color to turn that drab errand into a fun and colorful treasure hunt!  

Whether you're celebrating a partner, your pet, your friend, or your community, use this Valentine's freebie to record your gratitude.