Project History

Thanks to all for the donations!

Papa's Knife for Triple V Ranch (Registered Texas Longhorns) Complete 11/02/2015

Deats Knife 06/20/2019

Jacque Knife 8/10/2019

Rejcek Knife Complete 5/10/20107

Warner Knife Complete 04/26/2017

Brewer Knife Complete 5/16/2017

Cattle Baron's Ball Waco Knife Complete 7/27/2017 Went for $325.00 at auction for The American Cancer Society

Turner/Harris Knives Complete 10/20/2017

Patterson Knife Pearson Knife

Epperson Knife Bolt Knife

2018 Cattle Baron's Ball Knife

Rejcek Reunion 2018

Patterson / Dean 08/16/2018

Veselka, Deats, Williams, Patterson and Patak 11/22/2018