HandyTax's estate liquidation / downsizing services help your family decide what is really important. Our flexible tailored services will efficiently address the challenges and opportunities specific your situation.

Pack it

Donate it (Recycle)

Sell it

Trash it

Service Area: We provide services from Yonge to Morningside, 401 to Lakeshore


Hourly billing: we charge 40$ an hour plus costs, disbursements and applicable sales taxes.

What are the benefits of using HandyTax?

What is the process of using HandyTax?

Step 1 – Plan the move – Create a layout plan of the new home. Plan what items will move to the new home and what to do with items that do not move.  Decide on movers and other vendors.

Step 2 – Prepare the move – Pack the home. Prepare and distribute/ship items going to family members. Liquidate and donate remaining items.

Step 3 –  Set-up the new home to feel like home – Unpack and set-up all items in the new home – including wall-hangings, curtains, etc. Make sure utilities are set-up.

Step 4 – Prepare initial home for the market – Clean, repair, refresh home for resale.

Do I have to use all of your services?

No. We offer a menu of services. We are happy to provide you with whichever services suit your situation and needs.

What if I’m not planning to move for awhile?

It’s never too early for our services. Earlier is better. We can help you process your needs for a new home and begin the process of helping you go through your possessions in smaller steps. This makes the months closer to an actual move much easier.

How much do your services cost?

Each situation is different. Our services are tailored to meet your needs and budget. The beauty of our service is that it saves you money through efficiency in your move, and it makes you extra money through optimizing your home for the market and the sale of possessions that do not move to the new home. With that in mind, you can select the number of hours that meets your budget and needs. We will provide you with a written estimate for services following the free consultation, where we will better understand your situation and needs.

What is the difference between a HandyTax and a moving company?

HandyTax looks at the full picture – not just boxes. Start by moving boxes and organizing, but then can find you tax refund related to disabilities and finally act as the executor of your estate. 

What else do I need to know?

Our desire is to minimize the stress of relocating and create a new residence for you that feels like home