What You'll Find In Our Shop

We will soon be posting several pictures to give you a glimpse inside the shop,

and new merchandise will continuously be brought in after we re-open in October 2019.


Handcrafted, vintage, sterling silver, and costume jewelry

Accessories (hats, scarves, gloves, bags...)

Purse hangers (a great accessory you can use in public places)

"Wood Spirit" hiking sticks

Fabric crafts, clay and ceramics, glassware (old and new), lamps, crochet (afghans, doilies...), wood crafts

Wreaths, handcrafted wood floor vases (can also be placed on tables), baskets

New and vintage decorations for all seasons

Beanie Babies (very old, but never used @$2 each)

Teddy bears, bunnies, and other plush animals

Occasional vintage watches for men and women

Unfinished crafts and craft supplies, many household items--all at yard sale prices

Small tables/stands, birdhouses, foot stools (some handcrafted with solid wood and others with barn wood and twigs)

Occasional vintage furniture

Many collectibles....

Here are pictures and prices (I'll post more later) of some of the many items that will be offered as they become available. They'll vary each time you visit.

In pagan times, it was believed that Wood Spirits lived in forests and protected the forests and all those with pure spirits who entered the forests. Hunters and woodsmen used to knock on a large old tree to awaken the Wood Spirit to protect them from harm. Hence, the origin of the expression "knock on wood." Some of us still knock on wood for good luck, or to ward off evil. Our walking sticks are carved in Pennsylvania, out of poplar, beech, birch, or sassafras dried saplings. They are 48" to 52" long, 1" to 1 ΒΌ" in diameter, have rubber caps at their tips, and are protected by two coats of polyurethane varnish. The Wood Spirits are carved into the wood by hand. Each Wood Spirit has its own personality and works at its own will. A great companion to support and protect you on your walks.

$ 28 each

Pashmina scarves or wraps - Most are very soft and feather-light and can be folded into a very compact space. Some would also look great decorating a dresser, a table, or a sofa.

$ 10 to $ 14 each

Many scarves - knitted, crocheted, silk, polyester, long, square, with many colors to choose from. Also "eternity" scarves that you can wear as a long loop around your neck, or double it around your neck.

$ 5 to $14 each

Several styles and colors of hats are available - for summer and winter - crocheted, knitted, felted...

$ 5 to $ 18 each

Beautiful pins, earrings and necklaces - sterling silver, costume, handcrafted, new, and vintage

$ 3 and up each