MARIAN-GABRIEL HÂNCEANNetwork data scientist & quantitative sociologist
I am a mixed-methods sociologist with a strong background in statistical modeling. I am interested in learning about human behavior by detecting and analyzing network patterns. I use network science and computational sociology to understand the interplay between network structures, social selection, and influence. Specifically, my recent interests revolve around the possibilities of employing relational hyperevent models (RHEM) and relational hyperevent outcome models (RHOM) to study diverse topics such as virus spreading in socio-centric networks, scientific collaboration, or science of team science, to name but a few. At the same time, in my work, I am also interested in examining the mutual relationship between relational event data (social interaction) and relational states (social structure). The intertwining of relational event and state data is particularly manifest in my current research on cancer and cardiovascular risk factors within panel personal network data observed in different living labs.  
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Contact me at  University of BucharestFaculty of Sociology and Social Work Department of Sociology90 Panduri, Bucharest, Romania,