[Saturday 7th November 2020] Chesil Theatre presents: Two by Jim Cartwright

Streaming live for one night only
Saturday 7th November 2020 - 7.45pm

One pub, one evening, fourteen characters

Stories funny, sad and poignant - brought to life by just two actors.

Two, an award winning play, takes place in a pub during the course of one evening and involves just two actors playing fourteen different characters between them. Two was first performed in 1989 but it is not a period piece and rather has a timeless quality in encompassing a wide variety of people and situations; sometimes funny, sometimes sad, eventually poignant when the backstory of the husband and wife publicans is unveiled.

Bookings £10 and £5 from www.chesiltheatre.org.uk


[Available Now] Cheriton Players presents: Short Radio Play - Jack by C J Ellis

The first in a series of short plays for voices, written, directed and produced by members and friends of Cheriton Players. Jack was written by CJ Ellis, produced by David Cradduck and sound engineering was by Charlie Hellard. Gladys was played by Marilyn Weston, Fred by David Cradduck, Jack was Charlie Hellard and Capt Jill Brown was Rebecca Leadley. The presenter was Paul Hellard.

To hear it go to: https://soundcloud.com/cheriton-players/jack-by-cj-ellis


[Available Now] Cheriton Players presents: Short Radio Play - Mystery Shopper by Craig Robb

Ruth is starting her first day at work in a sunglasses shop in a seaside town. Keith, the owner’s deputy, leaves Ruth on her own to deal with a mystery shopper who appears to want to buy some expensive frames… but without paying for them. A nightmare scenario for Ruth that comes right in the end and restores your faith in human nature!

To hear it go to: https://soundcloud.com/cheriton-players/mystery-shopper


[Available Now] Cheriton Players presents: Short Radio Play - Hologram by Jonathan Edgington

Have you ever wondered what you’ll look like in 50 years? Or how someone else looked when they were young? Well now you can! Find out what happens when a new hi-tech app is used by a couple on a blind date. And not everything is as it seems...

The latest in our Lockdown Series of short radio plays, this one was written by Jonathan Edgington. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @3nildown and Instagram jonathan.edgington or visit his website at www.jonathanedgingtonwriter.com

To hear it go to: https://soundcloud.com/cheriton-players/hologram-by-jonathan-edgington