BSD: Traffic Safety Education

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Commitment to Safe Driving

This course will be held to the highest standards of education and care as driving is skill to gain independence but also requires a great deal of maturity, respect and responsibility. We believe every student should have access to quality traffic safety education. We will educate students about laws, safe practices, and operating controls of vehicles with the goal and intention of them being lifelong safe drivers that are collision and citation free.


This course is a semester long, but taught with Financial Education. So each quarter will have a new group of students going through Traffic Safety Education. When signing up for classes make sure you are 15 years old at the start date of the course. If you want to be in a particular quarter because of your age make sure to speak with your counselor. As driving is a large responsibility students are held to a high standard, read though the policies. Make sure you have time after school or Saturday to complete Behind the Wheel Lessons.