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Larger Breasts and Buttocks in a Natural Way

Breasts and Buttocks in a Natural Way

Are you dissatisfied with your body? Is your nose crooked? Is your belly too fat or do you find your teeth too yellow? There is something to be done about everything nowadays. Plastic surgery has become very popular in recent years. In general, that often goes well, but not everyone likes to go under the knife for a cosmetic change to the body.

In Miami, it has been a trend for some time to undergo certain cosmetic treatments without plastic surgery. And then it is mainly about losing weight and increasing the buttocks and breasts. The latter is done by means of a vacuum pump.

Natural Body Cosmetics

Do you want bigger buttocks and breasts without having to go under the knife, injection or need to swallow pills? Then you can now go to Natural Body Cosmetic. Hair Loss Method

How does it work?

"Breast & buttocks pumps is a kind of vacuum system. A dome is placed on the chest and / or on the buttocks and with a pump the air is sucked away under the dome. This results in the breasts and / or your buttocks swelling. The breasts and / or buttocks do not only become bigger while they are put under pressure / vacuum, the chest and buttocks vacuum system also ensures that the fat cells will expand so that the breasts and / or buttocks actually become larger. Make no mistake, however: there are breast pumps that are used to breastfeed your baby. However, these pumps do not have the same functionality.

The treatment makes your breasts 1 to 2 cup sizes larger. That is quite a lot! But that does not happen after one time. After a consultation, it is determined how many treatments you should need to achieve the desired result. If you want a lasting effect, you will have to undergo treatment several times a year. How to Make Your Eyelash thicker

How does it Look?

I was very curious about the treatment and went along to see how the vacuum system works.

Below you see the domes that are used to place over the breasts, buttocks and lips.

The Treatment

When you arrive at Natural Body Cosmetic, you will first be asked to complete a questionnaire. It is mainly to find out if you have no health problems. Also, you may not be pregnant if you go for the boulder enlargement, because you can not lie on your stomach. If you have just given birth, the pump can also start the milk production (again), so you better postpone your treatment. Through the questionnaire Samantha also finds out what your wishes are and can assess how many treatments you will need.

I got to see how the vacuum pump on the buttocks were done for a bili bration. First of all, the buttocks are made fat-free. After that, body sculpting prepares your buttocks for treatment. Body sculpting reduces cellulite, loosens fat lumps, improves blood circulation and helps to break down toxins. On the picture below you can see the device that is used for this.

Then the domes can be placed and the vacuum pump is switched on. You can decide for yourself how powerful the pump should be and you can build it up if necessary. It does not hurt further. Some women even find it relaxing. Fungal Infections so Persistent

At the end of the treatment, Samantha recommends that you also wear special pants to keep your butt in shape.

Do you want to try It?

Have you always wanted bigger breasts / buttocks, but are you up against plastic surgery? Then try the treatments of Natural Body Cosmetics

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