Gymnasium Burning Man

WARNING! This site contains nudity

Gymnasium Theme camp - Burning man

Thanks to everyone who visited our camp in 2018! We had a great year with loads of participants in our Naked Oil Wrestling, philosophy and also our Yoga classes.

We'll start planning Burning Man 2019 in the next few months, if you are interested in getting in contact head to the Contact us form.

Check out a short video of Gymnasium 2017 here

Gymnasium theme camp was started by Kirill Tokarev in 2015 as part of his Active Naturists group. Our camp is a group of approximately 25 campers who embrace the freedom of naturist activities both on and off the Playa. Camp members are gay and straight, multiple ethnicities and come from countries around the world including France, Australia, Russia, Singapore, England and even the United States.

While smaller than many camps, Gymnasium is fully equipped with a shade structure, fully functional camp kitchen (and delicious meal plan), generator, shower and private areas for camp members to dine and relax. Our activity areas where our camp mates and visitors include padded mats for naked oil wrestling, yoga, a shade structure for pottery, nude philosophy, yoga and our gym wheel. And we’re working on some new things for 2019.

Ideal camp members are comfortable with recreational and social nudity. It’s not mandatory, but modest people may not be happy here. We look for people who want to be active members of the camp. That might mean helping make a meal, do an ice run, welcome visitors to a camp event, etc. We tend not to have assigned work schedules and shifts, but do expect every camp member to contribute to the success of the camp.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us via the form so we can keep you updated as our 2019 plans develop.

If you cannot participate directly but have an idea related to our theme, send us a message via our Contact Us form!