Gwyn Bellamy

Professor of Mathematics, University of Glasgow

About me

I am Professor of Mathematics, and a member of the Algebra group and part of Core Structures, in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Glasgow

Research Interests

I am interested in representation theory and its interaction with geometry. In particular, I am interested in anything that is even remotely related to symplectic reflection algebras (and especially rational Cherednik algebras). To date, "anything" includes symplectic algebraic geometry, D-modules, Calogero-Moser systems, algebraic combinatorics and the representation theory of certain objects of Lie type such as Hecke algebras and q-Schur algebras. I am especially interested in the relationship between symplectic reflection algebras and sheaves of deformation-quantization algebras on symplectic manifolds.

If you might be interested in doing a PhD with me at Glasgow in one of the above areas, take a look here.

Contact me

Email: firstname.surname [at]


Room 418, The Mathematics and Statistics Building

University of Glasgow

University Place

Glasgow G12 8QQ