Greyhound Volleyball Booster Club

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June 19-21 • Greyhound Volleyball Camp

Monday, 8/14/17 • GVBC Meeting, 6:00pm, New London Cafe

Open Gym at Ordean East Middle School:

June28 3-5

July 11 4-5:30

July 12 4-6

July 13 4-5:30

July 18 4-5:30

July 19 4-6

July 20 4-5:30

The Greyound Volleyball Booster Club (GVBC) serves to promote and support eastern Duluth Volleyball programs, and to unify the efforts of individuals and organizations working in the interest of Duluth East High School's volleyball program.

Why be a supporter of the Duluth East Greyhound Volleyball Booster Club?

School funding for athletic programs is becoming more scarce and is requiring parents, coaches, and members of the community to become more active in athletic programs.

The Greyhound Volleyball Booster Club raises money through donations, sponsorships, concessions, and fundraising. All money raised supports the East High School and Middle School volleyball programs!

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Booster Club Meetings are held each month, year-round. Everyone is always welcome!

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