Introduction: Game plan

Inmersys is the company that developed this app. I worked as the main UI UX designer. We got the project and it was decided, by the project manager, to use an existing templete so I was tasked with creating the user interfaces for this project. There were some things to add to this videogame.

This sketch shows how the game was going to work (either with cardboard glasses or with your phone). You play a character armed with a riffle who shoots at toy zombies that lurk into the night and want to eat you!

My approach is as follows: I had a video-call with the project manager and with the development team. I share my screen while I have Photoshop open and I start sketching so everyone can be in the same page and we all know what exactly are we working on.

The UX Flow

Since this was a modified template, we did not have too much to do in Gameplay but I had the pleasure of producing some screens for the intro of the game, as well as designing some screens for the banner, the introduction, and I designed the Launcher Icon.

The client asked us to develop a Journey where the user had to select a language and then to start a game.

The interface

The task was about creating an interface that could blend with the game and the theme. I met with the team of modelers who worked with the shaders, and I saw the game was blueish. So I thought on a primary color palette. Red, blue, and red.

Launcher icon and Banner