Biomechanics Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Welcome to the Biomechanics lab! 

Lab interests range from the cellular to tissue level mechanics. Specifically, we study cell-substrate interactions at single and multiple cell levels. We also investigate the role of fiber reinforcement in the nonlinear constitutive properties of tissues such as arteries and cornea. We are also interested in the mechanics of bioinspired materials used in cutting parts of insects such as insect ovipositors and mandibles. 

Research Areas

Tissue Mechanics


Failures in Soft Materials

Biomaterials & Biomimetics

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From left to right: Prof. Deepak Saini, Prof. Kundan Sengupta, Dr. Neha Padillaya, Prof. Paturu Kondiah and Prof. Namrata Gundiah.

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