GCAE Campaign Central

How We Organize

  1. Know who your Building Leader is and who is on your building team.

  2. Get people to take action (sign a petition, come to a meeting, etc.) by having one-on-one conversations with them (not mass emails or Facebook posts).

  3. Get a commitment from folks that they have done the thing; follow up!

  4. Report your data using campaign data collection forms.

  5. After the campaign, we'll celebrate our wins, reflect on the campaign, and move forward to win some more!

GCAE Organizing Fellowship

NCAE Staff Organizers

GCAE Organizing Committee

The Actions

Current Campaign: Budget Campaign with Classified Payscale Focus (Catchy name?)

Add more campaign info here.

Vote on our proposed campaign demands: bit.ly/23BudgetVoteGCAE

Get ready for a letter-writing campaign beginning in February!

Upcoming Meetings

Helpful Resources