Guernsey Street View 

Putting the island on the map

A few years ago, Google sent their cars over to Guernsey so that we could be included in the worldwide Street View project. Sadly we said "no" at the last minute and that was that – no Street View for Guernsey – boo !

Here's an example of Street View below. Drag your finger (mobile device) or mouse around on the image to change the direction of view. Click on one of the arrows to take you down the road.

Street View at L'Ancresse - have a look around

Google lets people upload their own Street View images -  so that’s what I've been doing. So far I’m concentrating on the Clos du Valle (my neck of the woods).  Click here for our beautiful L'Ancresse Common or here for Bordeaux.

How does it work?

On Google Maps on your mobile phone, press the 'Layers' button and then press the 'Street View' button.

Here's what it looks like on your phone screen:

You'll then be able to see all the roads which have Google Street View shown in blue. Simply touch the screen on a  section of blue road and the Street View from that spot will appear. Even with Street View turned off, if you happen to click on a bit of road that is part of the Street View project, a small thumbnail of the Street View image appears in the lower left of the screen  click on that to see the Street View.

...and on a desktop?

On Google Maps on a desktop, look in the bottom right corner of your screen and you will see the Google Street View Pegman!  Simply drag him up onto the map and any routes which are on Street View will show in blue. Drop the Pegman where you want to view and your Street View appears.  Easy !

Here's a video talking about the inception of Street View

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Neither Guernsey Street View or Qi Codes make money for those involved