Gudrid the Wanderer

First Viking Woman in the New World

The year is 1008. Stand on the Viking knarr with Gudrid and her son Snorri as she looks back at VInland and the New World. Feel the wind snap her cloak pin. Seek through the grass for her spindle whorl. It will be ten centuries before they are found.

First-person living history in song and saga, based on archaeological finds at L'Anse aux Meadows UNESCO World Heritage Site and on the Vinland Sagas

“A spellbinding performance.” — Canadian Museum of History

"Fantastic. Your saga prose, song and instrumentation, as well as your Viking costume, added a wonderful character ambience to our Viking event. You certainly evoked a wonderful depth of learning, understanding & enjoyment of Norse life and the importance of Gudrid. Your performance was exceptional." — Scandinavian Club of Fairfield, CT
"I've had the pleasure of being directed by and performing with Lynn. It was a wonderful experience. Lynn has great presence and knows how to tell stories and bring characters alive, in music and theater. Gudrid gets five stars!"--Parish Players, Vermont