With over 35 years of experience, Charlene Gubitz is a one-of-a-kind Jewish educator.

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BMitzvah Tutoring Synagogue Support

In partnership with your home clergy, work with Charlene to support your child's Hebrew decoding skills, Torah and Haftarah prep, prayer fluency and general confidence.

BMitzvah Tutoring Full Package

Charlene will design and oversee your child's Hebrew experience in preparation for their BMitzvah celebration, with supervision from Rabbi Jen Gubitz. We will help you find a local officiant.

Learn to Read Hebrew: Basics

Start from the very beginning learning letters, vowels, and basic decoding skills. Learn tricks for remembering sounds and build Hebrew confidence.

Hebrew Reading Refresh

Been a while since you learned your letters and need a refresh? Purchase individual refresh sessions to remember your skills.

About Charlene

Based in New Orleans, Charlene Gubitz is a Jewish educator, musician and songwriter. With over 35 years of experience - from running Hebrew schools to teaching pre-school to tutoring Hebrew to leading Shabbat & High Holy Day services, Charlene is a master teacher. As a mom and Bubbe (grandmother), Charlene treats her students with love and patience and instills in them confidence and joy in Jewish learning. She is a graduate of Indiana University - Bloomington, with a B.A. in Theatre Arts, plays piano and guitar, and loves chocolate. (Listen to her CD here.)


Contact csgubitz@gmail.com for more info.