Fund Raising for Humanitarian & Emergency Services

Our priority projects for this spring are: Finishing the decal removal on our DART Trailer; getting it painted and decals put on; purchasing liability insurance and D&O insurance; renting a sorting & storage space for Humanitarian & Emergency Services projects and the recycling that we do as part of the program; and obtaining a trailer for our Emergency Communications & Technical Operations Team. In addition to all the great in-kind donations we are receiving from our partners - check them out here - we really need to raise about $10,000 in cash. This is the most that we have ever tried to raise in one year. Our normal budget has been about $3500.00 per year in cash dollars. We are praying that many of you that are reading this will jump on board or you know someone who might. We look forward to hearing from anyone who can help.

New Christian Musical in Development
New Mobile Videography & Filmmaking Course Developed - Watch for Upcoming Dates -
Simple Blessings and The Stetsons Share Music & a Message

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Emergency Services DART Team

Our Disaster Animal Response Team - Click on the Logo to be taken to our GADART Page where you can get more information on this fantastic and much needed ministry. We are recruiting volunteers, seeking donors and partners and doing all the things necessary to get this ministry program off the ground with well trained and well equipped volunteers.

New Christian Musical in Development

Rev. Tim Stetson, our Founder and President and Christianna Raiche are writing a new Christian Musical about the queen of the Persian Empire at the time of King Ahasuerus in c. 479- c. 465 BC. Her name is Esther and the musical is called "Faith in Providence". Guardian Angel Ministries will also have a Study Guide and CD Set from the sermon series that Pastor Tim preached which ultimately led to the creative development of the musical. Check out the Performing Arts & Special Events page and the Speaking, Teaching & Writing page for more information.