Guarda Wallet : Secure Crypto Wallet – Multiplatform, Non-Custodial

Guarda wallet- A complete analysis of the multi-asset wallet 

When it comes to choosing a wallet, we have to take into consideration several aspects that are related to it. Apart from being user-friendly, a wallet needs to be highly safe and should earn the trust of users on different parameters. Therefore, today, we are going to talk about one such crypto wallet that you might be planning to use in the near future because this is the most probable reason why you have landed here. Yes, we are talking about the Guarda wallet that is sure to fulfill your crypto trading and storage needs without hampering the security of your crypto assets in any manner.

First things first, let's learn about the background details of what Guarda wallet is and then we will move further and take a look at some essential topics regarding the same.

What is Guarda wallet? 

Coming into existence in 2017, the Guarda wallet can be considered a safe storage space for storing crypto assets belonging to 50+ blockchains. The storage capacity of this wallet cannot be neglected. After all, it allows you to store around 400,000+ crypto assets. Isn't that fantastic?

By having a Guarda wallet by your side, you can not only store crypto assets, but also buy, swap, borrow, or earn them. Not just that, the platform also offers Guarda Visa Card using which they can easily spend crypto for making purchases.

With that understood, let us now move further and learn how safe this wallet is.

Is Guarda crypto wallet safe? 

Guarda wallet is coming as one of the highly secure software crypto wallets. In addition to that, there is one more important factor that you need to be considerate of is the fact that it has not become a victim of security breaches as of yet. Being a non-custodial wallet, only the wallet-holder is the sole owner of the funds or private keys that are stored over it.

Not just that, the wallet also provides high-level privacy to the identity of users because it does not share your personal information with other platforms. This means that the Guarda wallet is highly safe to use. However, to enhance its security quotient, you can make sure that you have created a backup of the wallet.

Guarda wallet login and setup procedure

Wallet setup: 

In order to set up your Guarda wallet, you need to follow a few important steps that could help you enjoy the benefits attached to it. Here is how to do that:

Wallet login: 

To sign into your Guarda wallet, here are the easy steps you can take into consideration. For accessing your wallet, you first need to open the wallet software. When you are on the homepage of the wallet, you can enter the Guarda wallet login password and select the "Log In" or "Unlock" button.

How do I restore my Guarda wallet?

Be it a Guarda wallet or any other wallet, the wallet restoration process is easy if you have access to the correct secret recovery phrase. This seed phrase is generated at the time when you set up your wallet at first. So, today, in this section, I am going to share some exclusive yet helpful details to restore or import your wallet:

How do I reset my Guarda password?

Have you forgotten your Guarda wallet password and you want to access your wallet immediately? Well, there could be a different scenario when you wish to access your wallet but could not due to several factors. Well, in that case, you can easily regain access to your wallet by resetting the wallet password and doing the same. To reset your wallet password, you can simply hit the "Restore or Import" button, enter the backup phrase, and then set a new password for your wallet.

In case you do not have your private keys or your wallet's secret recovery phrase, then nobody on this earth including the support team of Guarda wallet could help you gain access to your crypto assets or your wallet again. With that understood, let us now take a look at the Guarda wallet fee structure.

Guarda wallet fees at a glance 

Although installing and using the basic functionalities of Coinbase is free of cost, to carry out transactions on it, you would need to pay trading fees. For example, if you wish to trade crypto through this platform, then you have to pay a 0.5% fee per transaction. On the other hand, if you are buying or selling crypto by using fiat currency, then you need to pay a flat 2% fee for the transaction.

In addition to this, you will also have to pay a varying blockchain network fee based on the crypto that you are trading. So, please keep that in mind and review the details before processing the transaction.

How to transfer my Guarda wallet?

In order to send crypto funds to your Guarda wallet, you need to make sure that you have enough funds in your exchange account through which you can pay the network commission fee. To send funds to your wallet, you need to:

Please note, you can transfer funds from one account to another account within your Guarda wallet by following a few easy steps.

Wrapping up the read: 

To summarize this read, we can say that a Guarda wallet is supposed to cater to all your crypto trading needs if you ever purchase crypto assets and feel the need of storing them in a software wallet. In today's post, we have tried to include all the important topics that you are supposed to know if you are planning to use this wallet in the near future or if somebody has recommended it to you to use.

If you ever witness a situation where you are not able to use this wallet or any of its functionalities, then you can uninstall and re-install the wallet software on your device, check the server status of the wallet, or remove browser cache and cookies.