Madrigal, G. (2020, August). Dreamers & public opinion toward immigrant youth. Paper presented at the American Political Science Association (APSA) Political Communication Preconference, Virtual due to COVID-19.

Madrigal, G. & Soroka, S. (2020, May). Migrants, caravans, and perceptions of threat: The impact of news photos on immigration attitudes. Paper presented at the 70th International Communication Association (ICA), Virtual due to COVID-19.

Madrigal, G. (2019, May). Dichotomizing the Dream: The good v. bad immigrant binary & news representations of Dreamers. Paper presented at the 69th International Communication Association (ICA) Political Communication Preconference, Washington D.C.

Madrigal, G. (2019, March). “Call ICE and Demand Their Release”: Undocumented activist publics and hashtag anti-detention campaigns. Paper presented at the NYU Digitizing Race: Making Latinx in the 21st Century conference, New York, NY.


  • American Political Science Association Political Communication: Supporting Projects Aimed at Representation & Knowledge (SPARK) Award, 2020

  • American Political Science Association Political Communication: Investing in Student Projects for Inclusion & Representation (INSPIRE) Award, 2020

  • Howard R. Marsh Research Grant, 2020

  • Warren Miller & Philip Converse Fellowship, 2019

  • Winthrop B. Chamberlain Scholarship for Graduate Student Research, 2019

  • Institute for Social Research - Rackham Summer Training Award, 2019

  • University of Michigan Honored Instructor, 2019

  • University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women Research Grant, 2018

  • Rackham Graduate School Scholar Activist Award, 2018

  • Institute for Social Change Fellow at the University of Michigan, 2018

Field(s) of Study:

  • Political Communication

  • Media Psychology

  • Latino/a/x Studies

  • Immigration

  • Race and Ethnicity