Global Tech Bridge Initiative

Empowering a new era of global workforce development


Enabling the diversification of tech innovation and talent by building resilient community members through training and career pathways.

Technology is one of the most powerful forces shaping societies, companies, and individuals giving it a far-reaching socio-economic impact.

GTBI works with individuals in marginalized populations to address social challenges, job readiness skills, vocational training with cloud-based technologies and transitioning to the job market.

The adoption of technology by developing countries has had profound effects on their economies, such as reducing the national costs of production, establishing standards for quality, and allowing individuals to communicate from a distance.

Enhancing the knowledge and use of technology will not only assist with the economic and workforce development in communities but will have an effect on the way these communities use digital health and education tools and by default, will positively impact healthcare and education in these areas.

Founding Organizations

Providing connections for employees and candidates, enabling diversity and inclusion and building community

Provide formation of global business partnerships to extend program reach.

Ignite Synergy provides introductory training into cloud computing office systems.

Providing human development skills to ensure learners are prepared to enter the job market.


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