Selected Topics in Educational Leadership and Administration:

Understanding the Quebec School Context

GSE 570 (Winter '19 online)

GSE 570: Selected Topics in Educational Leadership & Administration.

GSE 570 is part of the graduate program offered by the School of Education at Bishop's University in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

This course has been designed to provide the student with the opportunity to examine recent developments in educational leadership and issues related to educational administration.

This semester (Winter '19) the context for the course will be to focus on Canadian leadership topics (i.e. Montreal, Quebec, Canada).

Instructor / Course Information:

Sam Bruzzese

Course Website: Mighty Network (

Email: (active on Jan. 12) back up email -->

Website: Twitter: @sam_bruzzese Course hashtag: #gse570

Course will take place on Wednesday afternoons (2:45 am to 5:45 pm online via ZOOM. with the exception of class 1 and possibly class 12 which will take place in Nichols rm. 312. The class will be recorded for students who may be occasionally absent.

Office hours: online (via ZOOM) and by phone. Details given in class 1.


In this course, students will co-create a seminar in leadership issues within their local context.:

  • The geographic focus of readings, lectures, and discussion will be on the city of Montreal and greater Quebec. We may change focus depending on student interests, during the first class.
  • However, students from other provinces may also engage in independent work on areas where they will be teaching or leading.

The class will work together to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of current leadership issues within the various education policy and leadership systems of this province.

As part of this work, students will undertake a semester-long individual project on a leadership topic of their choice ~ this will have to be done on an individual basis~ depending on school/board initiative and/or challenges in a particular school). This will be determined at our first class.

  • Potential topics include: Linguistic issues and demographic trends; Indigenous education; education reform initiatives; New Pedagogies for Deep learning; IB philosophy & QEP; teacher preparation; leadership preparation; policy issues of equity and social justice; student learning; school culture and leadership, technology.

By the end of this course students who fully participate in the class will:

  • Develop a critical understanding of issues in educational leadership in Quebec and potential approaches to addressing those issues
  • Practice action-oriented inquiry/reflection methods that will uncover useful information for improving practice or policy
  • Present findings
  • Develop and teach professional level content
  • TBD by students

Required Course Materials

Most weekly readings will be available to students on myCourses /Mighty Networks or through links included in the weekly schedule. There is only one reading required to purchase:

Indelible Leadership: Always Leave Them Learning by Michael Fullan (2017). Corwin Press

Here is info on the book:

Book is available on Amazon Canada for $26 (paperback) or $20 (kindle version):

If you own a Kobo, the cost is $22 for ebook:

"Leadership is like art: the artist sees beauty where another person sees reality. Likewise, the leader sees energy. His job is to capture this energy and to use and channel it for the task at hand. It's a transformational process, akin to alchemy." (Antoni Cimolino, General Director, Stratford Festival of Canada)