Homeschooling 101

We are so glad you stopped by! We hope these links direct you to the information you need to make good decisions regarding your children's education. Home education is a viable choice for families when exploring options available. Legal in all 50 states, homeschooling is the fastest growing form of education in North Carolina with homeschoolers outnumbering private school kids by 2016. It is great for many families, but is it right for you?

Where to start is important! In North Carolina, compulsory school age is 7 years old. So therefore, if your child will not be 7 years old this school year, you have some time to consider your options and keep doing what you are doing! Have a child in school and want to make a change? Withdrawing a child from school in North Carolina is legal if you plan to homeschool- just make sure you follow the right procedure. You can access the laws directly at the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education website.

North Carolinians for Home Education has put together a wonderful resource page. It explains the "first steps," and "nuts and bolts" of homeschooling, even helps those moving to North Carolina know what to expect.

For those who want to know more about home education across the country, Home School Legal Defense Association covers the law for homeschooling in all 50 states. They also have a search page to help you find other homeschoolers in your area through local support groups!

Speaking of support groups, find one near you! Great Smokies Christian Home Educators is open to any legally home educating family in Western North Carolina. While many of our activities are based around Sylva, NC, members live in many parts of the region. A support group connects you with other parents locally to network about things and just 'do life' together. Some support groups gather for activities, field trips, cooperative classes and other events. Others, just parent support. And still others are strictly cooperative classes! You're welcome to join us at GSCHE!

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Helpful Links

North Carolinians for Home Education
Homeschool Legal Defense Association
NC Division of Non-Public Education