Student Poetry

Locked In

Lock someone out of a room.

Not tell someone who they're feeling.

All you ever play is Doom.

If you don't like your neighbors, absolutley.

All of our prosperity, our wealth.

DO we really have what we want?

-Sammy Richsen


I consider weed as a plant

not as a drug. I consider drudgs as hard drugs like acid, LSD, coke, shromes, etc.

There are no deaths from weed.

At least from weed that is not laced.

it is also becoming leiglisd in a lot of states. Weed,

weed cures: depression, anxiety, and all our problems.

To get rid of your cancer, can we smoke one today?

  • Seth Erwind



When I was younger I wanted to be a neurosurgeon

Or a vet.

The earth has music,

for those who listen.

I want to be music

I want to listen.

Katie Metlus

Running the 400

The race starts, get ready, be quiet, blast the gun boom

The first 200 feels steady. The last turn, slowing down I feel my legs burning the last 100. I was winded, exhausted

Very first match

Before call I wanted to pass out shake hands, confidence. Whistle in my ears feel loud. The nerves goes away wrestle. Lost by 1 point mad and anger

Getting stronger

Music is loud metal banging against benches, weights dropping

Body feel bigger, tired, and exhausted.

Tommy Lensse