The band members

Groove Recipe is more than just a band, it's a community of talented professional musicians, always ensuring the best ingredients available for live entertainment suited to your needs. 

Everything is possible from an acoustic jazz trio with or without vocals, to a full size funk/latin band with horns, percussions, guitars and backing vocals!

The basic band comprises vocals, keyboards, drums and bass guitar. Depending on your needs, budget and the event/venue, other musicians can be added, such as guitars, backing vocals, percussions and a horn section. Our menu already offers several possibilities, but don't hesitate to let us know your exact wishes!

The steady members of Groove Recipe are:


Very experienced singer, who has played in many bands in the past and toured through Germany, Greece and Switzerland as a rock and pop singer.

After a break of some years, she returns to the scene lending her warm voice to a new adventure in jazz, soul, pop and latin music. From jazzy standards to timeless funk and soul music from the 70's and 80's, her unique voice is a gift to the band.


Keyboard- and pianoplayer, but also the maestro of the band! Responsible for the arrangements and harmonics. Rishi has a lot of experience in classical and jazz piano music, and has played in many bands. Excellent virtuoso in improvisations, which he can apply largely in this band.


Founder of the band. In charge of organization, bookings and overall management. And the drums of course!

About 40 years of experience in playing drums, all round drummer in many styles ranging from jazz to hard rock, with a preference for latin jazz and fusion.

Style of playing: Drummer with a volume button. lots of dynamics and musical approach, not your typical rhythm machine.

Gear: Yamaha Maple Custom classic 6 piece kit, Yamaha hipgig for smaller venues, Zildjian cymbals, Pearl hardware, Roland TD27 for home rehearsals.


Bass guitar virtuoso of the band. Jeroen has many years of experience as a bass player, mainly in jazz fusion music. Loves to improvise and play creative solos, for which Groove Recipe is the perfect setting.

Groove Recipe can be booked in several formations, varying from a jazz trio for cocktails and restaurants to a 10 piece partyband with all the ingredients available. Several great musicians have already joined the club, and we are continuously looking for professional musicians to join the fun. Are you a musician and would you like to be a part of the fun? don't hesitate and contact us!

Below a few members of the community:


Instrument: Bass guitar

Great jazz bassist always ready to step in if Jeroen is unavailable.

From the countryside of Groningen to the city of the Hague, Milan's play is as versatile and varied as the places he lives.

He started off as a rock bassist, but nowadays Milan will get you on the dancefloor in minutes in any kind of style, from jazz to soul and from reggae to funk and latin. No matter what the party is, with Milan on bass, sitting still is not an option!


Instrument: alt- tenor- and bariton saxophones

Martijn can read music, but prefers playing from the heart. This characterizes Martijn, he's always challenging himself to improve his playing in jazz- soul- and funk music.

His style is influenced by legendary saxophonists like Bob Mintzer, Michael Brecker and Eric Marienthal, resulting in a clear distinctive sound.

Within Groove Recipe, Martijn tries to add unique colors and story-telling solos to the repertoire.


Pianist Jasper Blokzijl studied at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen (Netherlands), where he graduated in 2001. He also studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Netherlands). 

He specialises in pop and jazz music, and has performed at many festivals (Bonaire Jazz festival, Aruba Jazz festival, Jazz in Duketown, Bevrijdingsfestival, to name a few). 

Jasper is also a piano-/keyboardteacher, composer, arranger, band coach, choral conductor, and vocalist with jazz vocal group Treats.


Instrument: Guitars and backing vocals

We are very pleased and proud to have George on board, he brings decades of experience to the band, and fits in perfectly! From soulful and funky riffs to smooth bossanova and jazzy solos, George handles it all!