Otherwise known as Groombridge Bowls Club (click heading above for map/directions).

Back Lane (Off Gromenfield) Groombridge East Sussex TN3 9RS

The club was formed in 1919, when a group of residents played in various gardens in the village.

In 1937 a section of land was donated by the then owners of Groombridge Place for a peppercorn rent.

We have an excellent green with 4 rinks, which can be stretched to 5 slightly narrower but still legal size rinks.

The season commences in April and ends in September

The club has 40-50 playing members.

League matches are usually played as follows;

Ladies Tunbridge Wells League - Tuesdays evenings

Tunbridge Wells Mixed League - Thursdays evenings

Club Horam League - Wednesday evening & weekend afternoons

Friendly Matches are also played on Wednesday & Weekends afternoons.

Monday evening is roll up time for general practice.

We have a range of competitions for all abilities during the season.

We are a friendly club and welcome new members.

Beginners are very welcome and will be given tuition. Woods (bowls) are available for you to come and try.

Please wear flat soled shoes.

For information, please Email: groombridgebowlsclub1@gmail.com (click link) or phone our secretary Myra Woods on 01892 864567

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