Grim's Releases


LSFD Fire Station 132 [MLO]

The Los Santos Fire Department was just granted permission to build their latest station in Del Perro, right on the beach, Station 132!

LSFD Fire Station 26 [MLO]

The Los Santos Government just funded the LSFD to build another station, Station 26, just off the Los Santos Freeway near the truck stop!

Rockford Hills Gucci Store

This mod brings a Gucci Store to Rockford Hills to add realism in your world!

Hollywood Bowl

Introducing to GTA:V one of America's top 10 best live music venues, the Hollywood Bowl. No more Vinewood Bowl, that sucks.

Legion Square Barnes & Noble

Bored of driving through Legion Square and seeing boring storefronts, well this mod adds flavor to the game by replacing a building with Barnes N Noble!

Enhanced Retextured Ammu-Nations

This mod changes all of the Ammu-Nation textures in San Andreas! (Pictured: Blaine County, Sandy Shores)

Enhanced Fleeca Banks

This mod changes all of the Fleeca Bank textures in San Andreas! (Pictured: Blaine County, Route 68 in Harmony)

Safer Highway in Paleto Bay

Drivers feel more protected when this map is on, because it creates the highway that passes through Paleto Bay, divided! With multiple turnaround, and pullouts, it makes it good for cops, civilians, and utility workers.

Snoop Dogg Billboards [OIV]

See Snoop Dogg from afar, or up close because he now replaces the 3 old graphics on the Hookah Palace.

Truck Stop on LS Fwy [Menyoo]

View the scene of multiple trucks waiting in line at a truck stop just between Senora and Los Santos Freeway. All the drivers are featured talking to officers during inspection.

Realistic Commercial Truck Liveries

This pack replaces the vehicles textures on BOXVILLE, BOXVILLE2, BOXVILLE4, BURRITO2, and MULE2, with popular brands such as UPS, FedEx, LADWP, Amazon Prime, Bud Light, Hertz, Dr. Pepper, and Goodwill!