Service station

We bought a service station... what next?

The Vision...

We plan to renovate this poor, tired building. Once that’s done, we’ll set up our studio and start creating paintings and such. We’ll also offer a variety of classes, workshops, and retreats. We even hope to one day have a garden cafe for tea, coffee, and a place for you to come and relax with an evening glass of wine. Maybe listen to some Waylon Jennings, Classic Rock, maybe some Sinatra, or even a Beethoven record every once in a while.

The Vision

Where we are today

The Remodel is well underway...

Our goal is to get the doors open to host events in a limited way by June, 2021. Below you can see our progress starting in July 2020 to today...

When I'm in the studio working, I hang two flags outside. These are the 1836-1839 Republic of Texas flag, a blue field with yellow star, known as the Burnet Flag. The other flag is the Republic of Florence, which celebrates a local iris that grows on the banks of the Arno River. This flag was adopted in 1251.

David prepping the building for a mural
With a new roof!
There's a high, vaulted ceiling above those ceiling tiles
Here's where you order at the bar....
mural designs that will start going up 7/9/20
Ruby's almost done with first mural 7/11/20
Ben hauled away a lot of brush and vines: 7/11/20
Thank you Florence Chamber of Commerce for organizing a clean up day: 7/11/20
The murals are coming together: 7/11/20

Murals 7/29/20

Murals 7/29/20

Murals 7/29/20

Finished Mural on the front. August 2020
Pulling down old paneling to see what's back there... shiplap. September 2020

Construction Permit! 10/20/2020

Howard the Electrician 10/23/2020

Floyd's Glass Co. in Taylor did a great job 2/13/21

The install, 2/13/21

The windows are in! 2/13/21

Test fitting wainscoting 4/1/2021

Installing wainscoting and trim 4/1/2021