2nd-4th Grade

Spring Fundamental League

This 4-week league is for Gretna 2nd-4th graders! We welcome all who range from never picking up a volleyball and are just beginning to learn the game, to those who want to perfect their skills and establish good habits. We have a 1-2-3 breakdown and approach to each skill in volleyball that is easy for everyone to understand and do, and we take our time learning the proper technique so good habits can be formed at a young age! Along with skill knowledge, we also will teach volleyball IQ basics such as how to rotate, where positions are located, and the flow of the game. A G1 Staff member will lead the practice session with drills, while other G1 staff and parent-coaches will help individual players with skill developments and also coach and guide during scrimmage time. Players will be divided by skill and grade level, and drills and skills will be adjusted accordingly.

Each week will focus on learning a variety of skills with 10-15 minutes of "scrimmage" at the end.

We are looking for volunteer parent-coaches to help this spring! You (and a spouse, friend or another coach) will be on your child's half court for the session. Your court will have 8-12 players and you will help organize and run drills, repeat key words, and remind them of good skill habits & organize and encourage your players during scrimmage time. You need absolutely NO volleyball experience to sign up for this! Everything in the session will be 'master-coached', so you'll just need to follow along and organize your court of players. The only qualifications are having a positive attitude, the ability to give encouraging feedback and high-fives, and the desire to learn more about volleyball alongside your kiddo!

Dates: February 26th, March 5th, March 19th, March 26th

When: 1 hour sessions; Sunday afternoons (2-5pm range)

Where: Gretna Middle School

Who: Lead by G1 staff, assisted by parent-coaches, high school players, and other G1 staff

For: Gretna 2nd-4th graders

Cost is $50, includes a t-shirt.

Payment options:

-Cash or Check made out to G1 Volleyball turned into daughter's school in envelope (ATTN: Ashley Hall, GES)

-Cash or Check made out to G1 Volleyball mailed to Ashley Hall, 21322 Stonehaven Court, Gretna, NE 68028

-Cash or Check made out to G1 Volleyball brought on first day

Registration closes on February 15th!

Questions, please email Ashley at ahall@gpsne.org