4th-6th Grade 

Fall Competitive League

This league is for Gretna girls entering 4th-6th grade with prior experience playing volleyball. Teams of ~8 will be formed for roughly each grade level. Practice will be 2x a week for ~8 weeks at GMS on Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons and will play in 2-3 local tournaments on weekends. Season runs roughly August-October. If your daughter is interested, please complete fill out the form below.

We will hold pre-tryout open gyms on Tuesday, August 20th and Thursday, August 22nd. Tryouts will be held Sunday, August 25th. (An email will be sent out with specific ages, times, etc.) 

After tryouts, individual emails will be sent to all who tried out concerning their status of making or not making the team. Those selected for the team will have a timed window to commit, or the spot will go to the next alternate player. (If your daughter is not selected for a team, we highly encourage her to play in our Fall FUNdamental League to help her skills continue to develop!) Once teams are formed, payment of $200 for tournament fees will be required, and an additional $25 if a jersey is needed.