Greg Nini

Assistant Professor of Finance

Published Papers

Insurance Covenants in Corporate Credit Agreements

Journal of Risk and Insurance, forthcoming

Notes on Bonds: Illiquidity Feedback During the Financial Crisis (with David Musto and Krista Schwarz)

Review of Financial Studies, 31(8) 3983-3018, August 2018

Customer Risk and Corporate Financial Policy: Evidence from Receivables Securitization (with Laura Liu and Mike Qinghao Mao)

Journal of Corporate Finance 50 453-467, June 2018

External Financing in the Life Insurance Industry: Evidence from the Financial Crisis (with Thomas Berry-Stolze and Sabine Wende)

Journal of Risk and Insurance, 81(3) 529-562, September 2014.

Securitization and capital structure in nonfinancial firms: An empirical investigation (with Michael Lemmon, Laura Liu, and Mike Qinghao Mao)

Journal of Finance, 69(4) 1787-1825, August 2014

Do Insurance Companies Possess an Informational Monopoly? Empirical Evidence From Auto Insurance (with Paul Kofman)

Journal of Risk and Insurance, 80(4) 1001-1026, December 2013

Creditor Control Rights, Corporate Governance, and Firm Value (with David Smith and Amir Sufi)

Review of Financial Studies, 25(6) 1713-1761, 2012

Creditor Control Rights and Firm Investment Policy (with David Smith and Amir Sufi)

Journal of Financial Economics, 92(3) 400-420, 2009

Is the Corporate Loan Market Globally Integrated? A Pricing Puzzle (with Mark Carey)

Journal of Finance, 62(6) 2969-3007, 2007

Optimal Capital Utilization by Financial Firms: Evidence from the Property-Liability Insurance Industry (with David Cummins)

Journal of Financial Services Research, 21(1-2), February 2002, 15-53

Other Publications

"Some Facts and Figures on Secured Lending" (with David Smith)

2013 Loan Market Chronicle, Loan Syndication and Trading Association, pp. 79-82.

Book review of Handbook of International Insurance: Between Global Dynamics and Local Contingencies, Edited by David Cummins and Bertrand Venard

Journal of Pension Economics and Finance (2008:7 372-374) .

"Asymmetric Learning in Insurance Markets" (with Paul Kofman)

in Competitive Failures in Insurance Markets, Theory and Policy Implications ara-margi�Z� @{& (Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Christian Gollier, eds.), MIT Press, 2006.

Accounting Standards and Information: Inferences from Cross-Listed Financial Firms (with John Ammer and Nathanael Clinton)

International Finance Discussion Paper Number 843, October 2005.

The Value of Financial Intermediaries: Empirical Evidence from Syndicated Loans to Emerging Market Borrowers

International Finance Discussion Paper Number 820, September 2004.