Greg Taylor


Working papers

"Data and Competition: A Simple Framework, with Applications to Mergers and Market Structure", working paper with Alexandre de Cornière [working paper].

"A Model of Information Security and Competition", working paper with Alexandre de Cornière [working paper].

"Anticompetitive Bundling When Buyers Compete", working paper with Alexandre de Cornière [working paper].

Peer-reviewed publications in economics journals

"Competing Sales Channels With Captive Consumers", The Economic Journal, 132(642), 741–766, with David Ronayne (2022) [published version (open access)] [online appendix].

"Upstream Bundling and Leverage of Market Power", The Economic Journal, 131(640), 3122–3144, with Alexandre de Cornière (2021) [published version (open access)].

"A Model of Biased Intermediation", The RAND Journal of Economics, 50(4), 854–882, with Alexandre de Cornière (2019) [published version] [working paper version].

"Raising Search Costs To Deter Window Shopping Can Increase Profits and Welfare", The RAND Journal of Economics, 48(2), 387–408 (2017) [published version] [working paper version] [supplementary material].

"Integration and Search Engine Bias", The RAND Journal of Economics, 45(3), 576–597, with Alexandre de Cornière (2014) [published version] [working paper version].

"Search Quality and Revenue Cannibalization by Competing Search Engines", Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 22(3), 445–467 (2013) [published version] [working paper version] [supplementary material].

"Defensive Sniping and Efficiency in Simultaneous Hard-Close Proxy Auctions", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 48(1), 51–58 (2012) [published version] [working paper version].

"The Informativeness of On-line Advertising", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 29(6), 668–677 (2011) [published version] [working paper version].

Older versions of papers, containing material not found in the most recent version

An earlier draft of "Competing Sales Channels With Captive Consumers" that includes additional analysis of policies issues related to most favoured nations clauses (MFNs), non-resolicitation clauses (NRCs), and platform integration [older working paper with additional policy analyses].

An earlier draft of "Upstream Bundling and Leverage of Market Power" with some additional analysis of downstream competition [older working paper].

Other publications

"Information-seeking strategies in medicine queries: a clinical eye-tracking study with gaze-cued retrospective think-aloud protocol", International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 34(6), 506-518, with Tim Muntinga (2018).

"When the Winning Move is Not to Play: Games of Deterrence in Cyber Security", Decision and Game Theory for Security (Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol. 9406), 250–269, with Chad Heitzenrater and Andrew Simpson (2015).

"Scarcity of Attention for a Medium of Abundance: An Economic Perspective" in W. H. Dutton & M. Graham (eds.) Society and the Internet: How Information and Social Networks are Changing Our Lives, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK (2014).

"RE: Search", New Media & Society, 16(2), 187–194, with Mark Graham and Ralph Schroeder (2014).

"What Makes Google Tick?", Economic Review, 28(2), 16–19 (2010).