Are your presentations appropriate for all grades?

Our target age range is preschool to Grade 3. Typically the 1st-3rd graders get the most out of our books and presentations. Preschool and Kindergarten students are tougher due to attention span. They enjoy readings and hands on activity but are not as interested in Q & A or the book creation process.

Do you charge for travel expenses?

We live near Atlanta, GA, but do visits outside of Atlanta as well. If the visit is greater than 90 minutes from us, we must charge for T & L. Additionally, you may need to either schedule an afternoon event or put us up in a reasonable hotel the night before, depending on your location. We don't want morning traffic to spoil the day at your school. If we need to fly to your location and stay in a hotel, we also charge for airfare and hotel. We will not make any reservations without confirming T & L costs with you first and having a signed contract in place.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We prefer checks, electronic payments (e.g Venmo, PayPal, etc.) or PO. We do NOT accept credit cards at this time, sorry.

Will you do visits for free?

We do occasional, individual gratis visits for very special situations (e.g. injured or ill child). Contact us, we will see what we can do.

How many presentations will you do in a day?

Typically three, but we can do four.

Do you read from your books?

Yes, typically it's displayed on a screen behind us.

How many students do you like to speak to at once?

Smaller groups (25 or less), because we can better connect with the kids. But, we can also speak with larger groups (up to 100) if necessary. If you do have a large group, please try to arrange for us to speak in an auditorium. Gyms and Cafeterias don't work very well, due to layout and acoustics.

What equipment do you need?

A screen, extension cord, cart, microphone, long table (for book display), large easel with a sheet of blank paper on it, thick markers, and an LCD projector with a long HDMI or USB cord. We will bring our presentation slides & laptop.

Will you autograph things besides your books?

Typically not, due to time. Autographing in general consumes time that may impact your schedule.

How far in advance should we contact you?

Six months to a year, if possible. We often book the next school year between Jan-May.​ But people cancel and change schedules, so don't hesitate to contact us !