GoodPlanet Challenge 1 - Local Food

This Wednesday, October 16th, the school being enrolled in the program "GoodPlanet Challenges", there was a distribution of organic apples from Belgium. All the students received one. Even though, they had some flaws they were delicious. Almost everyone participated and it was great.

Artcicle written by Lisa and Nesrin

The eco liquid soap

The students of the 5th form in the vocational section (Plastic Arts) have made the ecological liquid soap with the help of Mr Druart ( Art teacher) and Ms Deckers ( Science teacher) .

This soap is not harmful for the health and the environment.

Article written by Alessia and Laraib

Monday 30/ 09/ 2019

Our class 6TQP, 6th form in the vocational section (Plastic Arts) has done a clean walk in a park near by the school. In total we collected 10 bags and sometimes we took very special things: there were shoes, bottles, socks, foams, ciment ! It was very impressive to see how much people sometimes don't care of the environment. We can give you some tips: to avoid dirty hands, use pliers ! It's very useful and you can take every type of rubbish.

Article written by Larissa

Clean Up Day, Brussels, Belgium, class 6TQP