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Good day Friends,

Having stopped meetings on our homestead, we have spent the last few years having meetings at Dawes Arboretum.  We have come to find there are many that have their own silent worship there, and we find great inner peace knowing their are others there for the same reasons.  

There is no exact time, no exact location inside Dawes, but it is a fine place for deep prayer.  Dawes does require paid entry or a membership, and a membership gains you access to hundreds of other arboretums.  To us, getting a membership is the same in supporting a meeting house on a visit.

For information on Dawes: 

For other meetings nearby:

Greenleaf Weekly is a mission focused family group.  We practice traditional Quaker Christianity and strive to always be involved in a project that is spreading hope, helping someone up, and making the world a more connected and peaceful place.  Our meetings are outdoors, and we are simply Friends that support each other in spreading light to the world.

Some of the larger missions that Greenleaf has been Involved In:

Peace, Love, and Helping One Another. 

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