Green Film School Alliance

Who We Are

The Green Film School Alliance (GFSA) is an organization united to integrate industry-level sustainable production practices into film school programs. We commit together to bring common language, standards, and tools to all institutions. This alliance is built around taking specific actions to reduce the impacts of physical production on the environment, a willingness to share best practices, and a pledge to further sustainable initiatives at all schools.

We are supported by partners at the Sustainable Production Alliance (SPA) and the Producers Guild of America Green (PGA Green). Together they created the Green Production Guide which continues to be the principal resource for reducing Hollywood's environmental impact by guiding filmmakers and creators at all levels to approach their work in ways that conserve fuel and energy, avoid toxins and pollution, save water, protect nature, and prevent waste. The GFSA, in partnership with SPA, has used the Green Production Guide as a framework to create tools to facilitate students' transition to sustainable production.


Create a future where “sustainable production” is synonymous with “production” by integrating environmentally responsible practices into film school curricula globally.

Our Initiatives

Education & Training

We are committed to offering education and training that will help students and faculty transition to sustainable production. Our philosophy builds on the research, training, and experience of our members. From in person workshops to on demand learning, we continually update a variety of resources to match students and faculty at every stage of their green production journey.

Green Production Certification

The Environmental Media Association (EMA) Green Seal is a professional recognition program honoring progress in green production for movies, television shows, filmed commercials, and print advertising. With ratings systems developed with input from industry partners and tailored to student level productions, the program annually honors productions teams who have used the PEACHy to demonstrate progress in green production. GFSA is dedicated to providing the training, tools, and partnership necessary to help every student production achieve EMA Green Seal recognition.


The Production Environmental Actions Checklist for Young filmmakers (PEACHy) is a tool developed by the the Green Film School Alliance in association with SPA and recognized by The Environmental Media Association that is intended to give student production teams specific guidance on how to produce scripted content in line with the Green Production Guide.

Modeled after the industry standard Green Production Guide and American Film Institute’s (AFI) Green Initiative program, “PEACHy,” was developed as a comprehensive list of relevant sustainable production actions broken out by department and category.

Outreach and Partnerships

We are dedicated to growing the membership base, increasing student exposure to industry professionals, and finding new ways to collaborate and grow the community together. Contact if your school is interested in joining us or if your organization is interested in partnership opportunities.

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Student Ambassadors

One of our goals is to provide a space for current students to share their ideas about how we create a sustainable future. Our intention is for each member school to provide one or two student ambassadors each year to ensure their voices are heard. Every GFSA school representative should meet with their student ambassadors regularly and report back to the general membership the fruits of their discussion.

Our Community

As a community of industry and environmental professionals connected by the shared goal of normalizing sustainable practices for film and beyond, GFSA invites new members to join us at the forefront of the industry movement. It takes a group of passionate, talented people to make green production possible.

Requirements to join GFSA are to a) be an organization engaged in film education, b) designate a production staff or faculty member to participate in GFSA meetings, and c) incorporate sustainable measures into their student productions in line with the GFSA mission statement.

For additional information contact

GFSA includes representation from over 30 film schools and programs including membership from nine of the top ten schools in The Hollywood Reporter’s 25 Top Film Schools.