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We are up and producing electricity as of 12/30/2011!

PLEASE NOTE: As of May 2022, we have migrated our website. Not all the links and documents work.

Click here to see how our solar PV system is doing right now.

Click here for photos. Check back on this website often for updates. [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

Click here for our Annual Reports.

Some of us have begun to work on legislation, to support our future work. Click here for more info.

Greenbelt Community Solar, LLC

Greenbelt Community Solar, LLC is composed of a group of residents who set up a solar power generation plant on a host building in Greenbelt. We are following the model established by the University Park Community Solar LLC, which installed a 22 kW array on the University Park Church of the Brethen in the Spring of 2010.

We want to replace some of the electricity generated by PEPCO (from fossil fuels) and at the same time lower Greenbelt’s carbon footprint. More narrowly, our goal is to generate renewable electricity local to a Greenbelt host site. Solar electricity is both produced and consumed at the host site.

Clean renewable energy comes to Greenbelt

Here is a short history of our progress to date:

We first started meeting in Aug/Sept 2010. We held a public informational meeting in

October 2010, sponsored by GCAN (Greenbelt Climate Action Network). We then spent the winter pursuing 5 "host sites". We signed our Operating Agreement (9 initial members) on May 9.

On July 28, 2011 a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement was signed between Greenbelt Community Solar, LLC. & Greenbelt Baptist Church. Electricity will be generated by a 21.6 kw solar photovoltaic array mounted on the church roof. Click here for photos.

On September 8, we held our Subscribers Meeting. We now have a total of 34 subscribers.

On September 23, we signed the contract with Astrum Solar and signed a Change Order (for

American-made panels) on Oct 24. Click here for photos

For more photos of the church roof, prior to installation, click here.

Installation of the solar panels began on Monday, December 19th. Crews from Astrum Solar took about a week to complete the project. Click here for installation photos.

On December 30, 2011 the array went into production.

Contact us at: greenbeltcommunitysolar@gmail.com