The Green Thumb

Where the joy of gaming meets the beauty of nature!

Welcome to The Green Thumb, nestled in the heart of the Woodlawn Business District in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama. 

Established in 2023, The Green Thumb is Woodlawn's cherished indoor plant shop, passionately committed to making healthy, unique indoor plants and related products accessible to all at affordable prices. Our retail store is a lush oasis, where the greenery is abundant, and the ambiance is inviting. 

The Green Thumb is a haven for plant lovers, a hub for gamers, and a place where the community can meet & gather. Join us on this green journey, and let's make Woodlawn even more vibrant, one leaf at a time!

What else is at The Green Thumb?

Get ready to tee off on a nature-infused, diverse adventure right here at The Green Thumb. 🎲

We have a hospitality center  that offers complimentary snacks to make your visit even more enjoyable! 🍪

There are several exciting events to look forward to at The Green Thumb that cater to a variety of interests. 🪴


5532 First Avenue North

Birmingham, AL 35212

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