GRBs meet Galaxies

Organising Committee:

S.D. Vergani (Chair), S. Boissier (Co-chair), S. Basa, V. Buat

LAM, Marseille, 27-28 Sept. 2017

LOC: S. Boissier, V. Buat

The French community has a long-lasting and very high level experience on the physics of galaxies and galaxy evolution domains. Nonetheless, to date it is only marginally involved in studies using GRBs to probe the high redshift Universe, but it will play a leading role in this field in the near future thanks to its involvement in the new space mission SVOM, a Chinese-French satellite dedicated to the detection and study of GRBs, that will be launched in 2021.

The goal of this workshop is to begin to structure and develop the French community working on GRB host galaxies. This will be achieved by developing: the French collaboration on the ongoing works on GRB host galaxies; new projects on GRB host galaxy studies, involving French researchers expert on galaxy studies; the collaboration with international experts.