Blast From The Past Friday

One of the great things about digital photos is the ability to rewind and share a memory with the family. Here are two photos taken at Epcot of the Brodosi Family 10 years apart.

Epcot 2009

Photo by David Brodosi

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Epcot 2019

Photo by David Brodosi

Photos by David Brodosi

David Brodosi is a leader in the deployment and operation of faculty support services for Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services, at USFSP, with proven experience in managing all phases of projects from conception to final product delivery. David Brodosi manages and provides guidance on technology strategies and trends for state-of-the-art classrooms, online course development, and faculty instructional design support services. David is recognized as a thought leader regarding the intersection of AV/IT, collaboration and online learning technologies that support his organization’s mission to deliver world-class research and technology solutions for higher education institutions.

David Brodosi Publications and Presentations

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Consolidation, Accreditation & Preeminence Committee & Strategic Initiatives Committee

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