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We will be returning in 2019, watch this space!

This year's event

Sunday 9th September 2018

The Gravity Grand Prix is an annual fun and fund raising event that has taken place in the Village of Cookham Dean in Berkshire since 2007. It's a downhill race driven just by gravity, except for a short push at the start, and it has proved to be very, very popular amongst the 2,000 or so spectators who come to see it and experience the thrill and spectacle of the day.

So far we've had eleven fantastically successful years, during which we have been very proud to have raised well over £120,000 for our designated charity, the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and other local causes. It's become a really fun afternoon that can be watched, free, by all the family whilst we do all sorts of things to raise money and create enjoyment. The amazing bonus is the ingenuity of the karts that have been built. They are something to behold, as you will see from the above slideshow and the video on the next page of this website.

This year's event will take place in Cookham Dean on Sunday 9th September and it will be our 12th successive year. If you are thinking of entering a kart, put your thoughts into action now by checking how you can do this on the Information Pack page of this website. We are certain that you will have a really fun time in building your kart and the thrill in taking part will lift your spirits. The atmosphere alone will make your skin tingle and being cheered on by more than 2,000 spectators will make all your efforts so worthwhile!

Last year another fantastic crowd turned out on what started to be a fairly warm September afternoon but which turned to rain towards the end of the event. However, the downpour did nothing to dampen the spirits of all who were there to see the 11th annual race, for which 31 karts entered and were watched by a generous crowd that helped raise £13,000, bringing our total so far to over £120,000 for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and other local causes.

The Results of the 2017 Gravity Grand Prix were:

Best Engineered Kart

1st prize Slipper One entered by Guy Wootten

2nd Mongol Missile entered by Ian Cheshire

3rd Grease Lightning entered by Dominic Cale

Best Novelty Kart

1st prize Trumpty Dumpty entered by Mike Reekie

2nd Falling With Style entered by Debbie Glennon

3rd Ronnies Rocket entered by Bel & the Dragon, Cookham

Fastest Time

1st prize Lemus IV entered by Karim Dhamani time 1 min. 12 secs *

2nd Vita Brevis entered by Andy Sturt time 1 min 17 secs

3rd Acceleramus entered by Richard Burton time 1 min 19 secs

* Exactly the same as 2016 !

The main prize "The Spirit of the Event" was won by Robert's Rocket

and was entered by Rob Burn of the Piston Broke Club

So that was last year. Now check the pages of this website to see what you can do this year to share in the action!